We have trusted our security with Shoff for years. They are attentive to our needs, the installers are quick and professional. The peace of mind we have knowing that Shoff is watching our property while we are away is worth every penny!

John Webber Carved.com

We have been using Shoff for a period of 4 years. During this time, we have experienced total satisfaction with the service that we received. The employees are personable and easy to work with. They helped us choose a system that was just right for our needs. The response team is quick and always handles matters in a professional manner. It is a blessing to us that we do not have to be concerned with or bothered with coming to the school in the middle of the night - Shoff handles it all! On a more personal note. We are thankful to the Shoff company for their cooperation and support of our non-for proflt organization through their donations for our fundraising events.

Of all the items in this world that need protection, there are none that are as important and valuable as the lives of our children. The Shoff Security company protects the lives of nearly 200 children at the Montessori School of Elkhart. It makes us rest easier knowing that our lives and the lives of these children are in the hands of a company we can count on. I strongly encourage you to engage their services for your protection as well!

Chris Miller Education Director at the Montessori School of Elkhart

We have had dealings with numerous alarm and security companies at various facilities across the country, and have dealt with Shoff Security for about three years.

The people at Shoff Security are friendly and cooperative. With courtesy and professionalism, they met deadlines for us and did what they said they would do. If someone at Shoff is supposed to return your call or meet you at your facility at a given time, you can be confident that you will not be disappointed.

The staff at Shoff is also competent. The initial installation of our alarm was done properly, as were any changes we requested. We did not have problems with the burglar alarm when we dealt with Shoff Security.

Perhaps the best aspect of Shoff Security is that Tom Shoff is involved in the day to day operation of the company. He is a hands-on owner. This enhances not only customer service and the competence of the staff, but it eliminates the frustrations that we all feel when we deal with huge publicly held companies. With Staton Wholesale, Shoff Security exhibited flexibility that we would never have gotten from other alarm companies.

My opinion is that Shoff Security is a safe bet. I encourage you to do business with them.

Walter Staton Chief Operations Officer for Staton Wholesale

I was talking to my mother (age 91) and the phone went dead. My line seemed to be O. K. so I assumed something was wrong with her line. I called my sister who lives closer, about two miles from my mother's house, and she said she would drive there and let me know what the problem was. By the time she got there, only a few minutes, the fire trucks, ambulance, and police were already there. The house was filled with smoke.

It amazed us that none of us, including my mother, even knew that a problem existed. It turns out that a motor on the circulating fan on the furnace/air-conditioner burned out.

The Shoff security system was not armed but apparently works behind the scenes to protect us in cases like this. This equipment was installed ten years ago. If it had not been for the Shoff security system we may have had a very different conclusion to this story.

Kathryn L. Southworth